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Drain Camera Inspection Crawler Cameras

These motorised units propel themselves through the drainage or sewer systems on wheels or tracks with the steerable units able to negotiate their way over and around obstructions and debris, they can survey pipe sizes from 100mm to 2000mm and cable drums can come with lengths in excess of 200mtrs long.

Pan and tilt cameras are pretty much standard these days with adjustable focus and lighting, inclinometers are available for measuring gradient as is a built in sonde for sonar tracing the line of the sewer or pin pointing concealed chambers or defects.

drain inspection crawler cameras
These really are high quality bits of kit that are used to map and chart our sewer networks, there are even a couple of manufacturers who fit a small satellite cameras on the back of the crawler unit which is then pushed into lateral connections so that you can survey the incoming branch lines as well.
main line crawler drain camera
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