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Drain Survey Report Software

In order to make the reporting on sewer and drain surveys more unified throughout the industry coding was introduced some time ago, this is an ever evolving process and the latest Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition (MSCC5) is due out in October 2013.

There are now several ways of compiling your drain survey report using software which will produced detailed data sheets, drawings, graphs, statistics and a grade classification for defects.

Types of Drain Survey Reporting Software

  • Drain survey software programmes that you install on an a PC and then run the survey through adding the code and data as you go, this can be done after the survey is completed or through a laptop on site in real time

  • Some drain camera systems have built in programmes that allow you to add data and info, draw a site plan, type a report and burn the survey onto a disc or memory stick all whilst you are on site

  • There is a drain survey system with a built in monitor, hard drive and facility for burning to disc or flash drive that you plug your existing camera system into, it also includes the survey software

  • There is also at least one online facility that allows you to download the software interface and edit your drain survey from your PC or laptop

The drain survey software that suits you will depend on a few factors, are you looking for software that will work with your existing cameras or are you investing in new kit that has it built in, what level of coding do you require, will you use the drawing package and do you need to send the information direct from site to your office or to a customer.

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Given the pending MSCC5 and that we have 3rd and 4th Edition WRc Codes you will need a system that can be updated if and when required, you should also consider any training that is required, the technical support provided and any ongoing licence or upgrade fees that may be incurred.

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