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Relining Drainage Junctions

In order to have a complete no-dig solution for the repair of drains and sewers techniques have been developed for the relining of the junctions where two pipes meet, top hat and junction liners are used more commonly on larger sewer systems however these techniques can also be used on pipes sizes down to 100mm diameter and are therefore suitable for domestic pipe work.

For the most part contractors would tend to excavate domestic junctions or reline up to them from three directions but if you have a scenario where you absolutely do not want an excavation and you need the junction relining due to fractures, ground water or tree root ingress there are a few companies out there with the equipment and know how to assist.

drain lining for drainage junctions

top hat liner @ www.draindomain.comTop Hat Liners

A similar method to the junction liners these can be used to seal both junctions and poor lateral connections, the majority of the liner sits within the lateral connection leaving a flange the moulds itself and adheres to the main line wall.

Handy for repairing bodged connections where a protruding edge may cause a full junction liner to crease or repairing small inlets entering large diameter pipe work.

drain junction liners
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