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drain liner repairDrain Lining Methodology

The drain liner itself is a felt tube with a thin plastic coating on its outer wall, a mixture of resin, a catalyst and an accelerator are poured into the tube and the liner is then `wetted out`, this is the process of ensuring that the resin soaks into the felt evenly throughout the length of the liner.

The liner is then inserted into the defective drain and inflated using either water or air, as the liner is held mechanically to the wall of the host pipe the resin cures over a period of time forming a pipe within the host pipe.

The Drain Liner Curing Process

The majority of contractors will use an ambient cure method for the domestic drain lining market, this basically means that the curing time of the liner is dependant on the ratio of the resin mix (resin + catalyst + accelerator) as well as the temperature at the time of the installation.

There are other methods used for curing the liner such as introducing heat via water or steam and UV light can also be used to activate the curing process, the advantage of these methods is that the curing does not begin until the contractor is happy that the liner has been installed and inflated correctly which is a big advantage when you are working on larger or more technically challenging installations.

drain lining methodology

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