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Robotic Cutters for Drain Liners

robotic cutter for drain junctionCipp drain liners gave us the opportunity to repair long lengths of drains and sewer systems without the upheaval of excavation, unfortunately in most domestic scenarios we don’t get long lengths of drainage that are not interrupted by lateral connections or junctions.

To work around this we would usually have to excavate onto each junction prior to inserting the liner or some contractors would cut a window in the liner (see image to the right) and hopefully align it with the junction they were trying to avoid covering, which was a bit hit and miss given the stretch and shrinkage you get during the installation process.

Thankfully robotic cutters were then developed so that we could line through a junction or junctions before re-opening them once the liner had cured.

Modern robotic cutters are excellent pieces of kit with built in cameras so that you can make precision cuts, they can often negotiate bends on pipe work as small as 100mm and you even have the ability to clean the camera lens during cutting operations using both air and water

The robotic cutting heads can be adapted for cutting or grinding so that they can be used for the removal of protruding lateral connections, hard mineral deposits and any other obstruction that requires removing before the lining process begins

The recording below shows the re-opening of a lateral connection, thanks to PipeVision Products for the use of this video

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