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High Pressure Water Jetting Training

As with all aspects of the drainage industry High Pressure Water Jetting works raise numerous safety issues, there are the obvious risks connected with working in confined spaces, open manholes should be isolated with barrier systems and jetting hoses, water feed hoses and spilled liquids are potential slip and trip hazards.

The fine mist that emanates from a chamber during jetting operations carries all kinds of airborne nasties whilst projectiles such as heavy silt, stones, glass and even needles can be ejected from a system at high speed.

Working with a High Pressure Water Jetting Unit is a dangerous business in itself, there are large noisy engines and pumps to distract the operator and a jet of high pressure water will easily break the skin often carrying fibres from gloves or clothing into the blood stream. These works should only be undertaken by trained personnel using the correct equipment and safety clothing.

Then we have the joys of working with high pressure water in and around a blocked drainage system, this offers the risk of flooding and raw sewage running down the clients driveway or into public areas and worse of all the operator getting a face full of the good stuff when he pulls the jetting hose back just that bit to far.

Several training courses have been set up around the UK that are a must for anyone operating high pressure water jetting machinery


drain jetting training

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