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Drain Jetting Hoses

Most drain jetting units will start with around 100mtrs of jetting hose but over the years this decreases due to wear and tear on the hose itself and the fact that they can become stuck fast in defective drains and sewers, when this happens we usually have to cut the hose and leave it in the system until a repair can be undertaken.

Rubber Drain Jetting Hoses

Jetting hoses for trailer jetter's and van packs were traditionally ½” rubber hoses with a single or double internal wire reinforcing braid, the hose size increased up to 1” for tanker jetter's and decreased for leader hoses.

drain jetting hose

Thermoplastic Jetting Hoses

In recent years we have seen the emergence of thermoplastic hoses which are lightweight and hard wearing, the weight of the hose is a big issue with regard to the overall weight of your vehicle and a lightweight hose travels easier through the drainage system over long distances.

Many contractors will use a combination of the two kinds of hoses for a couple of reasons as follows.

Personally I found that the early plastic hoses retained memory and curled slightly at the end, this could send the jetting hose into branch lines instead of the hose following the main line drainage, to get around this we would use a 10mtr long rubber leader hose to ensure it went in a straight line.

On the other hand the plastic hoses can wear better that the rubber hoses especially in the first few metres so some contractors will use a thermoplastic leader hose on the end of the main rubber jetting hose.

Jetting Leader Hoses

As already mentioned leader hoses can be used for reasons such as wear and tear and some contractors just like to have a point 10 or 20mtrs down their jetting hose that they can disconnect if the hose becomes stuck.

If the main jetting hose is ½” it can be restrictive around some gully traps so we will carry a 5, 10 or 20mtrs length of ¼” hose so that we can access the system through the more restrictive traps.


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