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Drain Jetting – Tanker Jetters

Large volume jetters work on the same principle as trailer and van pack jetters but obviously deal in larger volumes of water, so where a trailer or van pack jetter may operate at 3000psi pumping out 12 gallons a minute these machines can pump out up to 48gallons a minute at pressures of around 2000psi.

You should not find one of these machines reversing onto your driveway for domestic works and you certainly don’t want to be filling one up off your outside tap, they work on larger diameter systems and the large volumes they pump out per minute are ideal for removing silt and debris from the sewer network. The large storage tanks which can be anything from 1500 to 3200 gallons means they can undertake prolonged works in remote areas where water is not at hand.

drain tanker jetters

Combination Tanker Jetting Units

Combination units have a large vacuum pump that can be used to lift debris from the sewer system as part of any jetting works, the large storage tanks are spilt so that one section carries water for the jetting unit and the remainder of the tank is for silt and debris collected via the pump

Recycling Tanker Units

These units suck up the water from the sewers and culverts and use it for the high pressure water jetting works, this means the units can spend more time working instead of running off site to fill up again and they can work in remote areas as long as there is a continuous flow through the system they are cleaning


large volume tanker jetting units
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