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Grey Water Drainage Systems

Waste water from showers, hand basins and baths is classed as grey water and can be recycled and reused in the home for toilet flushing or in the garden for irrigation, it is described as greywater due to the cloudy grey colour of the water before it is filtered.

Toilet waste water is obviously classed as foul waste and can not be used nor can the waste water from washing machines and kitchen sinks in in many circumstances.

There are several methods for recycling grey water and the system that suits you will be dependant on what you plan to do with the recycled water, using purification or decontamination systems you can produce recycled water that is potable (or near potable) and it is therefore suitable for laundry, washing, showering and even drinking (apparently)

Grey Water Purification

There are numerous mechanical and biological filtration methods used and often two or three methods will be employed to get your grey water recycled to the desired standard

Grey water that has not been purified can be used in the garden it is however recommended that it is introduced below the surface level via an irrigation system as opposed to be being sprayed and it should not be used on edible crops.

It is estimated that by using recycled greywater the average home will make a 30% saving on the use of fresh potable water which obviously makes sense on all fronts, it is possible to install these systems within your existing property and drainage systems but surely it is only a matter of time before these recycling units become a standard requirement on any new build project.


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