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                                                                                                                                                                  Last updated 13 December, 2014 > site map > typical defects in drains allowing rat infestation

Rat Control - Typical Defects Found In Drain Surveys

defects drain ratsA detailed drain camera survey inspection of your drainage system will show any defects that will allow rats to leave it and access your property, these defects can vary from broken or stepped pipe work through to holes caused by impact damage, however i am afraid to say that in the majority of cases the rat infestation can be put down to poor workmanship or poor building practices

Redundant drains that have not been capped off correctly during the building of an extension or conservatory is a regular issue, so is building over manholes and not sealing the cover or any disused branch connections within it.

These defects can go unnoticed for years and it only takes one inquisitive rat or a partially blocked sewer or drain pushing them upstream in search of dry land and they are in, most of these defects will be within a metre of you foundations or even beneath your property, once they find the wall cavity they will have access to all areas


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