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                                                                                                                                                                  Last updated 13 December, 2014 > site map > rat problems and pest control

How Drain Rats Get In Your Home - Professional Rat Pest Control

rat pest controlsThe chances are that if you have found this page organically you have probably covered most of what is to follow, this is basic advice on what your initial steps should be when you suspect that you have a rat issue.

If you are hearing scratching noises in your walls, sub-floors or loft space there could be a few possible explanations such as mice, squirrels or rats so you need a professional pest controller to investigate and confirm what the problem is, obviously if you see a rat in your property (don't panic, most people only hear them) or you see one in the garden you should again call a registered and qualified contractor

Your chosen pest control contractor will then advise on the best method of rat control using either traps or poison to get rid of your unwelcome visitor, they should also be looking around the property for obvious points of entry to prevent any future access. Holes in brick work for waste pipes, missing or broken air-bricks or gaps beneath door sills can be easily spotted and sealed and your problem solved.

If however there are no obvious signs of entry or you have sealed any access points and you are still having issues after several weeks your pest control contractor should (and sadly many do not) be recommending that you investigate your drainage system as a possible point of access into the property

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