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High Pressure Water Jetting - Trailer Jetters

As the name would suggest this is a detachable unit that is towed behind the van and they come in many shapes and sizes, the water storage tanks can vary from 60litres to 120litres for the single wheel base units and they operate from 1000psi up to 5000psi but most operators tend to keep to 3000psi and lower on domestic drainage systems.

drain trailer jetters

Things to consider when buying or hiring a trailer drain jetter

  • Towing a trailer jetter means you are not taking up valuable van space with a van pack jetter, there are however strict rules on towing weights (Gross Train Weight) and your van which you need to consider.

  • Parking can be hard enough in many towns and cities without having a trailer in tow, on the other hand trailer jetters can be removed from the van and parked where vehicles can not or where there are height restrictions that prevent your van from entering such as underground car-parks

  • The size of the water storage tanks is important in comparison to the flow rate out of the unit, if you specialise in doing small domestic blockages you may not need a great volume of water on each site, if you are on contract root cutting works you will want good sized storage tanks and a steady supply of water or you will spend half your day waiting for the tanks to fill up again.

  • You also have to consider storage of the unit when its not on your van, anti-freezing it in winter, additional tyres to maintain and the wear and tear on the van that is towing the unit.

  • There are also specialist trailer jetting units such as ultra-high pressure water jetting units (up to 50,000 psi) and hot water jetting units, most of which are available for hire as well as purchase

  • Last and not least Training, these are powerful machines working in unpleasant circumstances and only trained operators should be using them.


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