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Drain Lining Resins

There are several drain relining resins on the market including Epoxy, Polyester and Vinylester Resins, each have their own merits and the resin you require will be dependant on the task at hand and how you intend to install and cure the liner.

Things to consider are shrinkage on the cured liner, odour, viscosity for wetting out in your chosen lining material as well as the structural or mechanical strengths each resin offers.

Most resins can be adapted to suit harsh environments where chemical attack may occur, your choice of a filled or unfilled resin system can also affect the quantities of catalyst and accelerator you will use.

drain lining resin

Drain Liners

Below ground drainage systems come in all shapes and sizes and drain liners have been developed to cover just about anything you are likely to come up against, they can negotiate bends, changes in diameter and they can be adapted to suit different loading scenarios.

Drain liners are widely available in sizes form 32mm up to 600mm and they can be installed in several ways to suit the available access into a system, you can pull or push them into position, invert or double invert the liner when using the correct materials and equipment.

cipp felt drain liners

Other materials you will require include accelerators, catalysts, inversion hose and pre-liners, fortunately we now have a healthy supply market in the UK with several suppliers happy to share their on site knowledge and expertise to make sure you get the right materials for the job

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