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No-Dig Drain Repair Using Cipp Drain Lining Techniques

This is the most common trenchless drain lining technique used on domestic drainage systems within the UK with most drainage contractors now offering at least one method of No-Dig CIPP drain lining repair.

The drain lining process has been around since the early 1970s but the knowledge and expertise were not shared with general contractors until patents expired in 1994, this has since transformed the drainage industry and the benefits of no-dig or trenchless technology are for all parties involved in a drain or sewer repair.

drain lining towerThe Homeowner - no longer has to endure a full blown excavation with the noise, mess and upheaval that this kind of work can involve.

The Contractor - has a quicker turn around of jobs and therefore hopefully more profit, the reduction of excavation works also means less reinstatement, a smaller snagging list at the end of the job, less tipping charges and reinstatement costs.

The Insurance Company - In the early days you could charge the same for relining a system as you would for a full excavation, however as with any competitive market place prices have come down and it is now much cheaper to reline a system than it is to excavate.

The Environment - Many of these drain lining techniques are used in the repair and renovation of public sewers beneath our roads and highways, this greatly reduces time lost to commuters in traffic jams and therefore our carbon footprint.

We also have the ability to patch repair specific defects, to reline around sharp bends, to reline several bends at once, to re-open junctions and lateral connections using robotic cutters and to reline the junctions themselves. The resins used in Cipp liners can also be modified to deal with harsh environments where traditional pipe materials may degrade due to chemical attack or excessive abrasion or erosion.

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