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Drain Camera Inspection Surveys

Probably the greatest advancement in the world of drainage in modern times has been having the ability to inspect drain and sewer systems from the inside using drain camera inspection equipment, there are the obvious benefits such as being able to pinpoint defects that have recently caused a blockage but we also use drain cameras as a planned maintenance tool for monitoring the sewer network as well as commercial and industrial drainage systems.

As a contractor we can now survey a drain, locate the defect(s), submit a drain report along with recommendations and just as importantly know who is paying for the works before any drain repairs take place, if the drain survey investigations are done correctly it should also be easier for the home owner to obtain like for like quotes but alas there are still far too many sub-standard drainage surveys being carried out.

drain survey systems

Benefits of Drain Camera Survey Technology

Another happy by-product of the advancement in drain inspection technology has been the growth in No-Dig repair techniques which has been greatly beneficial to the public, their insurers and drainage contractors themselves.

We first used drain cameras on problematic systems in order to find out why the system was blocking but they are now used for many other reasons as follows

  • To chart and map larger systems and give a condition report, from this planned repair and maintenance schemes can be implemented.

  • Surveys are often required on new build projects such as housing estates, schools and retail parks prior to the final hand over to the client

  • Cameras have been used effectively in property subsidence claims often saving unnecessary excavation works as a defective drain has been identified from within the system

  • Many mortgage lenders now insist on a drain camera inspection survey of a property to basically assess any future subsidence risk or major drainage repair claims that may be just around the corner.

  • Developers have to prove where existing foul and storm water systems discharge on re-development sites as part of planning approval

  • Commercial and industrial sites that produce trade effluent often have to have their systems cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to ensure against ground contamination through defective drains

I have also used CCTV Inspection equipment to survey wells, chimneys, flues, mine shafts and the ventilation system on a coroners table, remote inspection cameras are also used in the oil and gas industries and basically any scenario where a pipe, conduit or duct are found.

drain inspection surveys

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