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Drain Camera Repairs

Drain camera survey systems have certainly become more technical over the years with self levelling camera heads and adjustable focus and lighting, however on the whole they have also become a lot more reliable.

Given the harsh environments that we send drain cameras into it is not surprising that they do occasionally fail and no doubt a lot of the defects that occur could probably be put down to how the camera itself is handled.

Push rod drain camera heads can take a bit of a battering over the years negotiating stepped and displaced pipe work even when using the correct skids, the connection from the camera rod to the camera head is often a weak point that results in a new connection or re-pot every so often.

The drain camera rod itself will wear down with continual use which eventually causes the camera to push to one side when entering the system and cuts in the rod occur when it is pulled back against the sharp edge on the crown of a manhole inlet or outlet.

All the above along with damage occurring to the camera reel, link cables and your monitor and key board being out in the wind, rain and snow mean that eventually you are going to need some kind of repair undertaking or a new camera rod or cable fitting at some stage.

Most manufacturers offer a repair service on their systems and there are several repair specialists who can work on many different makes of camera units, one or two of which offer on-site repairs.

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