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                                                                                                                                                                 Last updated 5 January, 2014 > site map > types of pipework > concrete                                                  

Concrete Pipe Work

I have included a page on concrete pipe work so as to cover the main drainage pipe materials, however you are unlikely to come across any concrete pipes as a DIYer or small building contractor, Typically concrete pipes are found in sizes from 225mm upwards but i have occasionally worked on 150mm systems, because the pipes tend to be on the larger side they are usually part of a public sewer systems, shared systems on modern housing estates, storm water systems on industrial estates, hospitals and airports or culverted water courses.

Why Use Concrete Pipe Work
concrete drain pipes @

Concrete is obviously a very strong product especially when it is reinforced which lends itself to large diameter pipes on sewer systems which tend to be fairly deep, there is also an argument for using concrete on the basis of cost as the robust material does not depend on pipe bedding compared to flexible systems such as plastic pipe work.

From an installation point of view you do not tuck one of these pipes under your arm and stroll across the site before passing it down to your mate in the trench, you have to be geared up for moving these things around which is why it is specialist work for ground workers and small civil's contractors.

Repairing Defective Concrete Systems

It tends to be the joints that fail on a sewer or drainage system constructed from concrete, and tree root ingress or ground water ingress are the usual culprits. Cipp drain lining and patch lining systems are used and joint sealing can be carried out on pipe work over 1200mm in diameter.

Here a few examples of concrete products for the sewer and drainage industry, click on an image to enlarge. Enjoy !


concrete drain concrete systems concrete drainage
concrete pipes concrete bend concrete gullies

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